ReDI School Munich: Empowering Individuals through Digital Education.

ReDI School Munich, established in 2017, has emerged as a leading hub for free digital education, providing opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. With a diverse community of over 7,000 members from 60+ nationalities, ReDI Munich offers a range of courses and programs tailored to meet the needs of beginners and advanced learners alike.


Digital Education for All


ReDI School Munich is committed to providing high-quality coding and basic computer courses, combined with a unique career and mentorship program. This approach enables learners to acquire valuable digital skills, develop a growth mindset, and strengthen their career prospects. The school’s mission is to empower individuals and bridge the gap between human potential and opportunity.


Courses and Programs


ReDI Munich offers various courses, including:


  • Back-End Development: A free course covering foundational concepts of backend development with MongoDB.
  • Computer Basics: A course designed for women, focusing on basic computer functions, online collaboration, and safe online practices.
  • BayCode Program: A digital training program for young people, aiming to create digital participation and equal opportunities.


Career and Mentorship Program


ReDI School Munich’s career and mentorship program provides learners with opportunities to collaborate with tech companies, startups, and industry leaders. This program includes:


  • Career trainings and workshops
  • Company visits and networking events
  • ¬†Mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Access to job listings and talent pool platforms


Volunteer Opportunities


ReDI Munich offers volunteer opportunities for individuals to share their professional experience and contribute to the growth of students. Volunteers can participate in various programs, including the Digital Career Program, Digital Women Program, and Digital Youth Program.


Impact and Recognition


ReDI School Munich has received the renowned Eurocities Award for its public-private partnership with the City of Munich. This recognition acknowledges the school’s efforts in developing successful projects that boost the skills and competencies of individuals, leading to meaningful job opportunities.




ReDI School Munich is a beacon of hope for individuals seeking digital education and career growth. With its diverse community, comprehensive courses, and career-focused programs, ReDI Munich is empowering individuals to unlock their potential and thrive in the digital landscape.

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