Remote Job. (Copy Writer).

Entermotion are looking for a creative copywriter to tell our stories and help with support documentation.

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Remote, Anywhere in the World. 


  • 2 months maternity leave/1 month paternity leave
  • Flexible vacations
  • Paid sick leave
  • Being able to go to lunch when you want to like a real human. Flexible schedules. That sort of thing. You know, being treated like a person. Not a productivity unit.

Roles & Responsibilities 

Despite our out of date website which you would be helping to update. Entermotion for the past several years has been primarily involved with application development and special projects. Our roots are that of a traditional design studio, but we re in a fun new transitionary period as we ride the coattails of successful projects.

They’re looking for someone to act as sort of an internal journalist to tell the stories of our success. The’ve been focusing so much on doing what we do we haven t raised our heads long enough to tell about all the cool stuff we ve been doing. Someone needs to dig for those stories and help us share.

Also, there are words that need written to do what we do. Support articles. Sales site copy. You know copywriting.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Copywriters have different strengths in different areas. Here are some of the categories we would assess candidates based on. Strength in one area can offset weakness in another.
  • Words that convey an attitude. Not like who are you looking at buddy! Attitude. But you should hear a voice behind the words.
  • Make headlines that people pay attention to. THIS JOB POST WILL FRENCH KISS YOU. That sort of thing. I mean not really like that. But you get it.
  • I m sure there are typos in this posting somewhere. Editing is important.
  • We re exploring a few creative projects of our own. Fiction writing and story telling would be a bonus.
  • We re sort of in the process of… Well call it a forced rebrand. Victim of our own success etc. We need to find our new story. Someone good at that would be cool.
  • Um. Being able to be brief.

Application Process 

To apply,  Simply CLICK HERE 

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