Remote Job – Training and Development Content Specialist.

Are you a creative content developer who loves to synthesize information and present it in an instructive and helpful manner? Do you have a passion and are excellent at producing engaging content and resources to help others grow? If so this role could be an excellent fit for you!




$27k – $39k per year (USD).


Training and Development Content Specialist


Eligibility Requirements

  • Experience with learning management systems (LMS).
  • Experience with e-learning
  • Instructional design projects for online-based learning
  • Advanced video editing skills
  • Excellent written and grammar skills in English
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills in English
  • Comfort presenting on camera
  • An understanding of varied learning styles
  • Self-starter and aptitude to work with a sense of urgency.


Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Create various content types (videos, PowerPoint, articles, infographics) with relevant tone and style, adhering to the respective style guides
  • Organize content and resources in a structured way (as an input to training)
  • Utilize various digital publishing platforms to produce structured drafts
  • Target content to specific audiences and level of understanding
  • Develop sequenced steps for how to explain a topic, resource, or skill
  • Editing video – Image, audio/sound, presentation, effects, storyboard
  • Create written content, not limited to presentations, summaries, outlines, tutorials
  • Research and generate topics for new training
  • Review past content and provide evaluations and revisions as needed



  • Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours
  • 2023: $27k – $39k per year (USD)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Holiday, Sick & Bereavement Leave): 25 days
  • Community & Coaching Opportunities
  • Work Remotely
  • Flexible Work Schedule


Application Process

To Apply Simply CLICK HERE 


The Training and Development Content Specialist is academically inclined with a passion for teaching others to learn new tools, skills and resources while supporting them in their development through the creation of engaging training content. You are an excellent presenter with clear spoken English and excellent written English proficiency and grammar. You must be responsible, possess a strong work ethic and have a flexible schedule willing to accept a fixed working schedule.

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