Study for free in Iceland.

Education Abroad can be quite costly, but there are more affordable options available, such as studying in Iceland. Iceland offers a unique opportunity as it has zero tuition fees for international students at its public universities. Before delving into the universities, let’s explore the country itself.



Capital: Reykjavík

Population: 364,000

Listed universities: 9

Study programs: 65

Country Rank (2018): 21+


Iceland’s Appeal

Geographically, Iceland is one of Europe’s most exciting destinations, with stunning natural features like glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, and picturesque landscapes in a variety of colors. Additionally, Iceland hosts a handful of excellent universities.


Universities in Iceland

Despite its vast landmass, Iceland has a relatively small population of around 360,000. There are only a few universities, but they offer a wide range of degree programs. The University of Iceland, located in the capital city Reykjavík, is the largest institution with approximately 14,000 students.


Tuition Fees in Iceland

Public universities in Iceland do not charge tuition fees, only requiring small application and registration fees. Even private universities, like Reykjavík University, have relatively modest fees compared to international standards.

However, it’s essential to note that the cost of living in Iceland is high. As a remote country, many goods and food items need to be imported, which can be expensive. So, while you can study without tuition fees, a longer stay in Iceland may require careful financial planning.


Universities in Iceland

  • Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Bifröst University
  • Holar University College
  • Iceland School of Energy – Reykjavík
  • Iceland University of Arts
  • Reykjavík University
  • University Center of the Westfjords
  • University of Akureyri
  • University of Iceland

Application Process

Each university in Iceland has its unique application process, so it’s advisable to visit their respective websites for detailed information. To visit their website,  CLICK HERE.



Iceland is known for its remote and hard-to-reach location, which adds to its charm. The primary international airport is Keflavík, located near Reykjavík. Within Iceland, you can travel between towns using bus lines or domestic flights.

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