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Mitacs, a Canadian non-profit organization, offers international students an exceptional chance to engage in research and training programs while pursuing their academic goals in Canada. The Mitacs program provides a platform for students to collaborate with Canadian academia, industry, and government, fostering innovation and skill development. This article delves into the details of the Mitacs program, its benefits, and the application process for international students.


What is the Mitacs Program?


Mitacs is a research and training program that connects international students with Canadian post-secondary institutions, industry partners, and government agencies. The program offers various opportunities, including research internships, fellowships, and professional skills training, to support students in their academic and professional pursuits.


Benefits of the Mitacs Program


The Mitacs program offers numerous benefits for international students, including:


  • Stipends starting at $10,000 per four-month period
  •  Hands-on experience in a cutting-edge environment
  • Professional skills training
  • Publishing credentials with peer-reviewed research
  • Professional connections
  •  Potential long-term and short-term employment opportunities


Programs Offered by Mitacs


Mitacs offers various programs for international students, including:


  • Accelerate: R&D and innovation internships for post-secondary students and postdoctoral fellows in Canadian organizations
  •  Elevate: Collaborative R&D internships and professional development training for postdoctoral fellows
  •  Globalink: R&D internships in Canada for international undergraduate and graduate students and R&D internships abroad for Canadian students


Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for the Mitacs program, international students must meet the following requirements:


  •  Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a Canadian university
  •  Maintain a good academic standing
  • Meet the language requirements (English or French)
  •  Meet the specific requirements of the Mitacs program and partner organization


Application Process


To apply for the Mitacs program, international students can follow these steps:


  •  Search for Mitacs opportunities on the Mitacs website or through their university
  • Review the eligibility criteria and program requirements
  •  Submit the application, including a resume, cover letter, and relevant documents (e.g., transcript, language proficiency certificate)
  • Attend an interview with the partner organization (if selected)
  •  Sign a contract with the partner organization (if offered a position)


Tips for International Students


  •  Start searching for Mitacs opportunities early to secure a spot
  •  Ensure you meet the language requirements and have a good understanding of Canadian culture
  •  Be flexible and open-minded when applying for positions
  • Network with Canadian students and professionals to learn about job opportunities
  •  Balance your work and studies effectively to maintain academic performance




The Mitacs program offers international students a unique opportunity to gain research experience, develop professional skills, and build their network in Canada. By understanding the program’s benefits, eligibility criteria, and application process, international students can make the most of this opportunity and enhance their career prospects in Canada.

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