Study in Finland for Free – Vocational Training

Finland is renowned for its exceptional educational system, offering free education in most schools, including vocational training programs. These programs provide students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in a specific trade or craft. In this article, we will delve into the world of vocational training in Finland, exploring the various programs available, their benefits, and how international students can apply.


Vocational Training Programs in Finland


Finland offers a wide range of vocational training programs in various fields, including:


  •  Business and Administration
  • Technology and Transport
  • Social Services and Health Care
  • Arts and Design
  • Natural Resources


Some popular vocational training programs for international students in English include:


  • Full Stack Web Developer program, React & Node – Business College Helsinki
  • Vocational Qualification in Business (QB) – Business College Helsinki
  • Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services: Restaurant Cook – Omnia Vocational College
  • Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology: Software Developer – Omnia Vocational College


Benefits of Vocational Training in Finland


Vocational training in Finland offers numerous benefits, including:


  • Practical skills: Students gain hands-on experience in their chosen field.
  •  Job readiness: Vocational training prepares students for immediate employment.
  •  Industry connections: Students build valuable connections in their industry.
  •  Language skills: Students improve their English language proficiency.


Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for vocational training in Finland, international students must:


  • Be at least 18 years old
  •  Have a valid visa or residence permit
  •  Meet the language requirements (English language proficiency)
  • Meet the entry requirements for the chosen program


Application Process


International students can apply for vocational training programs in Finland through various channels, including:



Required documents include:


  • Application form
  • CV
  •  Certificates and diplomas
  • Language proficiency test results (e.g., Duolingo English Test)




Vocational training in Finland offers international students an exceptional opportunity to gain practical skills, industry connections, and language proficiency. With its numerous programs and benefits, Finland is an attractive destination for students seeking a career-focused education. By understanding the eligibility criteria and application process, international students can take the first step towards a successful career in Finland.

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