The French Tech Visa.

The French Tech visa established in 2017, streamlines the process for non-EU startup founders, employees, and investors to live and work in France. Administered by the French Tech Mission in collaboration with Business France, this visa accommodates three categories of tech talent: employees, founders, and investors.


French Tech Visa Overview

Residence Permit: The visa permits a stay and work in France for up to four years.

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible:

  • Present a work contract with a French company eligible under the French Tech Visa, valid for a minimum of three months.
  • Ensure a gross annual salary of at least €38,475 (twice the annual minimum wage in France as of January 2022).

Startup Founders

Eligibility requires:

  • An innovative business project for development in France.
  • Recognition of the project by a public-sector body.
  • Sufficient annual financial means (€19,237 as of January 1, 2022).

Business Investors

Eligibility criteria for investors:

  • Make a direct investment personally, via a company you run, or via a company with at least 30 percent shareholding.
  • Invest or commit a minimum of €300,000 in tangible or intangible assets.
  • Commit to creating or protecting jobs within four years post-investment.

Application Process

Embassy Application: Begin the application at a French embassy in your country.

Key Steps by Category


  • Letter from Employer: The employer provides a letter showcasing the company’s innovative nature.
  • Application: Start the employee application on the dedicated platform.

Supporting Documents for Employees

  • Cerfa form indicating salary and position.
  • Social security certificate or sworn declaration.
  • Letter outlining duties.
  • Commercial register excerpt for the employer.
  • Social security contributions payment proof.
  • Documents proving skills and experience.
  • Form Cerfa no. 15614*04 detailing employment conditions.
  • Permanent or fixed-term employment contract with a gross annual pay of at least €38,475.


The long-stay visa that authorizes your entry into France costs €99. You’ll also need to pay €200 tax to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office. Stamp duty of €25 is also to be paid.


Business Investors and Startup Founders

Specific steps and documents vary based on the respective category.


This streamlined procedure aims to attract and support diverse international tech talent, fostering innovation in the French tech ecosystem.


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