100% Working Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste

You never can tell how much money Yahoo boys make from dating. This yahoo dating format copy and paste makes it a lot easier for you to chat with your clients as a Yahoo Boy.

If you are not that much advanced then this is for you as we have included some questions and answers inside this yahoo dating format copy and paste.

Who Can Use This Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste?

If you want to become a successful Yahoo Boy then you should try using it and if you find it difficult billing your clients then this is a must read for you.

We have curated some questions and answers to ask your clients when chatting them so that they don’t notice any ishhh.

But I must warn you this yahoo dating format copy and paste is to be asked slowly, do not rush and send all at once.

Latest Question And Answers In Yahoo Dating Format To Copy And Paste

Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste
Best Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste

1. Where are you from ? …………. You can choose to ask the client where he or she’s from but if your client was the first to ask the question, simply tell him I’m from Jackson county Mississippi USA and I grow up in Madison Wisconsin but I’m currently working in Bahrain

2. Are you single?…….. knowing the status of your client is very very necessary so that you can know the type of yahoo dating format to use on him.

But if he was the first to ask tell him or her, Yes, I’m single never married before and I have no kid I believe I will when I finally meet the right man for me. I was so much hurt before by the man I love.

3. Where do you work?……….the goal is to know where your client works and when ask tell him or her that you work with the USSF. (United States special forces) this type of format is also usef in military dating format.

I serve in the US military and this is my 12 years in the military, I work with the Special Forces Detachment-Alpha team assigned to Company B, 82nd Airborne Division.

I’m deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a member of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force Bahrain

4. What is your Rank?.…… Most times, your clients may decide to ask this question, simply tell them that you are a sergeant first class SFC, Pay grade E8 with MOS 18 X operations.

5. How long do you stay in Mali?……. consider asking your clients how long they have been in the city they were.

You can also answer: This is my 4 months here in Bahrain and I have few months left to complete my contract and I believe we can meet someday.

6. Do you like me?……When your clients ask you Do You like me? Don’t rush and said yes as it may seem fishy but reply:

Definitely you are sounds like an honest man that knows what he need, we just met let Time pass so we can know more about each other, you know that It is indeed very rare in this day and age to find true friends on whom we can completely rely and trust.

Yet, when we do find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted today.

7. How long is your contract?………..My contract is 16 months and I have 12 more month to be here.

8. You look beautiful?.…..the no1 key to winning a client trust when it comes to Yahoo dating format is to always give him or her a compliment.

Eg: Aww 🥰 thanks for the compliment I believe there are more beautiful women than me even there in your country.

9. You are  far from me?….. Definitely ..no distance is far and what important is being honest, sincere, truthful and trustworthy to you partner, distance and age can’t be a barrier in a peaceful relationship. can

10. I love you or I like you very much?…….when your clients throws such questions at you, it’s not in your place to rush and reply I love you too.

Rather answer with this format: you know that we just met Relationships are built over time, not day over night.

I don’t think you “fall in love” with someone but I think “you become in love with someone”.

In my opinion, patience, tolerance, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding are also the keys to long lasting love. I see richness in our different culture and languages.

11. How old are you?……..I’m 32 I will be 33 by ……….

12. I love you ?..….. knowing what to say when chatting your clients is a bae, once you receive such questions from a client then reply:

Please, please be honest, being single is hard for all of us, no one wants to be alone in life, if you fall for me or some one online understand we are older and understand what we are looking for, but though we know this about ourselves, and even though we may fall for someone fast, a relationship takes time to build. So, take your time enjoy getting to know each other.

13. Do you like me ?.….. In my previous experience viewing most yahoo dating format copy and paste, these questions are asked randomly either from a client or the yahoo boy.

Do you like me? Reply: I need you to take your time with me, allow time to pass so we can become more than close friends, let things develope at a natural pace not force a relationship to happen quickly.

This is my 3 years of being single and ever since then I chose to be alone but you know that really hard for all of us to be single,

I have to move on and I believe there are more honest and sincere around the world.

14. What do you want? ….,if you ever reach this stage when chatting your clients then know that your yahoo dating format is working on him / her.

If your client ask you what do you want? Reply: I want a serious relationship that will lead us to marriage.

I told you that I was so much hurt and I’m scare to love but I believe you are honest and sincere with your kind words to me .

Do you know that marriage and relationship it not all about looks, especially as we get older but none-the-less, there has to be a physical attraction.  eventual, trusting each other .

It is restricted here due to the nature of my job, we can have our privacy on Hangout app and it safe and secure for us there as I don’t often come on here .

Wrapping Up On Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste?

Before making use of These Yahoo Dating Format Copy And Paste, ensure that you properly take a look on it and edit if you are chatting with a female or male clients.

Most of these questions and answers listed there are to be asked by your clients or instead you can do the question yourself.

Let me know what you think about this yahoo dating format in the comment section let me know.

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