3 Easiest Way On How To Do Yahoo On Phone

How To Do Yahoo Yahoo

How To Do Yahoo
How To Do Yahoo On Phone, How To Do Yahoo On WhatsApp, How To Do Yahoo On Facebook

I was browsing the internet today and noticed people are still searching for how to do Yahoo on phone. If you are among the list, I guess that’s what brought you to this page but before we proceed let me clear the doubt.

The real truth is that you can actually learn how to do Yahoo on Facebook with your phone, how to do Yahoo on WhatsApp even with your android phone and cash out big time..

I knew of few friends who started yahoo without a laptop, some cash out a thousand dollars while some did hundreds of dollars and scale up in no time.

But I must warn you, yahoo yahoo business is an illegal activity condemned by the law enforcement and In Nigeria, Criminal Code Section 419 states: “Any person who by any false pretence, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

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How To Do Yahoo On Phone

Starting as a beginner in yahoo yahoo, you should probably know that having a good smart phone with enough internet connection can do the magic for you.

But that’s not all, you also need other equipments to start doing Yahoo and become successful in it.

Step 1: You Need A Social Media Account

As a working boy you need a social media account, either Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

These social media account have proven to be the best places to get foreign clients that will pay you.

Start by creating one or instead buy an aged Facebook or Instagram account then edit before you start to do Yahoo.

Step 2: You Need A Working Yahoo Boys Format

Knowing what to tell your clients is very very necessary when you want to do Yahoo business and as a matter of fact every yahoo boy needs a billing format for their clients unless you are a pro.

We listed few yahoo boys format that you should use in order to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria 2023.

Step 3: Get Tools To Make Your Yahoo Work Easier

When I meant tools this might be your working Pictures, videos and VPN. Don’t forget that good communication skills leads to success when you want to do Yahoo.

With your working Pictures And Videos, you can easily start doing Yahoo and build trust with your clients, who knows you might be the next person to cash out.

How To Do Yahoo On WhatsApp

Yahoo Yahoo on WhatsApp is not that hard as it seems if you know exactly what you are doing and with the right working format, I bet your clients must surely drop something for you.

You can start doing Yahoo Yahoo on WhatsApp with your foreign country number or local number using these techniques:

  • Create A Foreign Country Google Voice number, this works perfectly for WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram and more.
  • Add up your clients on WhatsApp and start chatting them up.
  • Have your working video or pictures on your phone incase your clients wants to see a video of you.
  • Learn how to write well and speak foreign ascent just incase he or she wanted to confirm if you are real.
  • Once you have built a trust with your clients make use of the billing yahoo format for client that you have to bill him/her.
  • Have a working aza so that you can receive your payment easily. Note: this must be a foreign account.

Here’s how to do Yahoo on WhatsApp with your local number,

  • Add up your clients with your local number and tell Him or her that you were posted to an African country
  • Build trust with him or her but if you don’t know how to do this get a trust Format for clients that will do the job
  • Next step is to bill your clients using a billing yahoo format.

How To Do Yahoo On Facebook With Android Phone

I kind of Find doing Yahoo on Facebook very difficult because of the way mark Zuckerberg bans Yahoo boys account.

But that’s by the way, who knows what does not work for Another person might work for you but it’s advisable that once you get a client take him or her to hangout and continue with the chat.

Here’s the simplest way on how to do Yahoo on Facebook with android phone:

  • Get an aged Facebook account ( 2 or 3 years will be better)
  • Do proper editing of the account both location, city and upload your working Pictures for the account to look real.
  • Get your VPN active so that Facebook won’t Track your IP location and ban your account
  • Start searching for clients or start adding up any foreigner who you think might be a client,
  • Chat and build trust with him or her First before you bill them with the yahoo format you use.

Conclusion On How To Do Yahoo Yahoo

People who are rushing into Yahoo Yahoo might have read up on the luxurious lifestyles practice by the so called yahoo boys.

And if you are asking if there’s money in yahoo business, why don’t you check out list of Top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria and net worth then you will agree with me that Yahoo money na blood money.

Quick Summary on how to do Yahoo Yahoo on phone, WhatsApp, Facebook or anywhere.

1. Get A Device

2. Get an internet connection

3. Make use of a working yahoo format

4. Always use a working Pictures or videos for clients trust.

5. Get a premium VPN to always hide your identity and use a foreign number.

6. Have a good communication skills and foreign ascent when speaking with your clients.

7. Use a foreign country aza when trying to recieve payments from your clients.

You see, you too can start to do Yahoo with your phone as a beginner and be hopeful that you will surely cash out.

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