Live and Work In New Zealand.

New Zealand is a popular destination for foreigners seeking a new life. With its breathtaking landscapes and high quality of life, it’s no wonder many are drawn to this beautiful country. New Zealand also offers a thriving job market, making it an attractive destination for those looking to work abroad.


Employment in New Zealand 


New Zealand has a strong economy and diverse job opportunities, making it an appealing destination for foreigners. In-demand jobs include nurses, general practitioners, teachers, and IT professionals. Americans, in particular, can find opportunities in New Zealand’s growing tech sector. The US Embassy in New Zealand also offers various positions for Americans.


How to Find a Job in New Zealand as a Foreigner 


Here are the steps to find a job in New Zealand as a foreigner:


  • Identify in-demand jobs: Research the job market in New Zealand and identify jobs that align with your skillset and experience, especially those in high-demand industries.
  •  Use New Zealand job search engines: Websites like Seek, Indeed, TradeMe, and Workhere connect foreign workers with New Zealand employers.
  •  Secure a job offer: A job offer can improve your chances of getting a visa. Consider working with recruitment agencies or contacting employers directly.
  •  Prepare for visa application: Check the Immigration New Zealand website to see if a job offer is required for your visa application.
  • Apply for a work visa: Choose a suitable work visa type and apply accordingly.
  • Get a tax number: Apply for an IRD number, which serves as your unique identifier for tax purposes.


Additional Tips


  • Check your qualifications are relevant in New Zealand.
  • Consider registering with a professional body in your field.
  •  Networking and building contacts in your field can be helpful.
  •  Keep track of who you’ve contacted about jobs and when.
  • Don’t pay recruitment agencies or companies; they get paid by employers.


By following these steps and tips, foreigners can increase their chances of finding a job in New Zealand and starting a new life in this beautiful country.


Getting a Job as a Foreigner can be very difficult!

With that in mind, the New Zealand Government created a website to help you get jobs in New Zealand!

To Access that website, please CLICK HERE

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