Why aren’t more people exploring this opportunity? You can actually relocate to Sweden without cost! The Swedish Institute (SI) provides fully funded scholarships for over 700 master’s programs in Sweden, aiming to support ambitious professionals who want to make a positive impact. These scholarships offer a unique chance for professional and academic growth while fostering lasting connections with Sweden and global professionals.

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  • Sweden


  • Master’s

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, you should meet specific criteria, including your citizenship, the choice of master’s programs, university admission, and your previous work and leadership experiences.


Programs Taught 

Approximately 700 English-taught master’s programs are covered by the SI scholarship for Global Professionals, encompassing various fields such as humanities, agricultural science, medicine and public health, natural science, social science, and technology.


Document Required 

Keep in mind that the Swedish Institute and University Admissions are separate entities, so if you have questions about required documents, you should contact University Admissions or the university directly. It’s crucial to meet the application deadlines, as only applicants admitted to eligible master’s programs by 21 March 2024 will be considered for an SI scholarship.


Application Process 

For further details on how to apply, CLICK HERE.


If you’re currently employed, it’s advisable to discuss your application with your employer and make necessary arrangements for leave of absence or work release, as SI will not intervene in this matter.

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