Remote Job – Work as an Administrative assistant.

This is an excellent opportunity for self-driven professionals to work from home, meaning – if you are looking to moonlight and not invest in your job – then we’re not a right fit. However, if you are excited to come to work and be a key contributor, then we’re all ears!

Please read the full description before submitting it.


Remote, Apply from Anywhere in the World.


CSRs, TSRs, Team Leaders, Sales, E-commerce, Administrative Assistants

Roles & Responsibilities

The majority of the clients operate in US Eastern and Pacific time zones, with some AU and UK time zones. We take into account your schedule preference and will try our best to match it with our client schedules. However, candidates who can accommodate our client schedules are given priority, provided they meet the job requirements.

They would like to set proper expectations that we don’t have purely non-voice accounts. Depending on the role, you will get on calls with your client and their customers. Collaborating with your team means having huddles on a regular basis. At Go2, we believe in a culture of constant feedback and communication.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • At least one year of work experience. Make sure to submit your most up-to-date resume with complete employment dates (month and year).
  • Some roles may require specialization for a particular tool or software. Make sure to add them in!

Application Process 

For more Information & Application link, please CLICK HERE 


  • Make sure that the device you will be using for your application will be the device that you are going to use if ever you will be part of Go2.
  • Use a computer when applying and an updated web browser, preferably Google Chrome.
  • When submitting your application form, please highlight your skill set, experience, and background so you stand out from the rest.
  • During your interviews, we will gauge your ability to articulate ideas over fluency. Give it your best, answer all the questions and follow the instructions well.

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