Study Coding for free in Austria – 42 Vienna.

In the heart of Vienna, Austria, a revolutionary coding school is changing the way we approach learning code. 42 Vienna, launched in October 2022, is part of the global 42 network of coding schools that offers a unique, peer-to-peer learning approach that is free from traditional teaching methods.


The Concept


Founded in 2013, 42 is a renowned IT training school that relies on an innovative face-to-face and project-based learning concept. The school offers open access to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of their background or experience. The operation is ensured by investors from the business world, making it free of charge for students.


The Values


42 Vienna prides itself on its values, which include:


  • Tuition-free: No hidden fees or charges before, during, or after the training course.
  • Inclusive: Welcoming atypical profiles and people from diverse backgrounds.
  • No degree required: Selection is based on a positioning test, not academic records or degrees.


The Curriculum


The curriculum is designed to be completed at the student’s own pace, with an average completion time of three years. The program starts with the basics of C programming language, UNIX operating system, and fundamental programming concepts. As students progress, they can choose from various specialization paths, including mobile development, web security, kernel design, network architecture, game development, artificial intelligence, and data engineering.


The Admission Process


The admission process consists of three steps:


  • Online Logic Games: Two logic games that assess eligibility for the program.
  • Introduction Meeting: An online or on-campus meeting that explains the program in detail.
  • Piscine Bootcamp: A four-week immersive training bootcamp that introduces students to coding.



The Learning Environment


42 Vienna offers a 24/7 accessible campus, where students can work on projects and collaborate with peers. The school organizes regular events, hackathons, and workshops with guest speakers and companies to prepare students for the job market.


The Future


With its innovative approach and inclusive values, 42 Vienna is poised to become a leading coding school in Austria. By offering a tuition-free education, the school aims to contribute to meeting the demand for IT specialists in the country while bringing knowledge and competence to the region.


In conclusion, 42 Vienna is a revolutionary coding school that offers a unique learning experience. With its peer-to-peer approach, inclusive values, and tuition-free education, it is an attractive option for those looking to start a career in coding.

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