Austria offers numerous advantages for international students, ranging from affordable tuition to lenient qualification requirements, making it an ideal destination for education. But before delving into how you can pursue studies in Austria, let’s explore the country itself:



Capital: Vienna

Population: 8,794,000

Listed Universities: 28

Study Programs: 264

Country Rank (2018): 11-20


Austria’s Appeal

Austria’s central European location and historical significance in shaping modern Europe make it an enticing destination. It boasts picturesque landscapes, with the Arlberg region being the birthplace of modern Alpine skiing. Cities like Vienna and Graz are adorned with baroque castles, palaces, museums, and a rich musical and psychological heritage. Notable Austrians include Haydn, Mahler, Liszt, Mozart, and Sigmund Freud.


Universities in Austria

Here are some universities in Austria:

  • Alma Mater Europaea
  • Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  • Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
  • Central European University
  • Danube University Krems
  • FH Joanneum
  • Graz University of Technology
  • IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
  • Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • MODUL University Vienna
  • Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
  • St. Pölten UAS
  • WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Webster Vienna Private University
  • University of Vienna Postgraduate Center
  • University of Vienna
  • University of Salzburg
  • University of Innsbruck

Tuition Fees

Austria’s universities are globally renowned, offering a high-quality education. Public universities are tuition-free for EU students, and the fees for non-EU students are quite reasonable at around 1,500 EUR per year. Private universities set their own tuition rates, which may be higher, but there’s a wide range of options to suit various budgets and educational aspirations.

The University of Vienna, founded in 1365, is the oldest German-speaking university, associated with 15 Nobel Prize winners and offering nearly 200 degree programs, many of which are taught in English.


Application Process

Each Austrian university has its unique application process, so it’s advisable to check their websites for specific requirements. You can find this information by clicking here.

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