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In this Article, we are going to talk about another cheap alternative to study Abroad. This Country is Malta. Before we talk about studying in Malta, let us talk about the country itself.

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About Malta

Malta is a Southern European island nation in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Sicily (Italy) and close to Tunisia and Libya. The small country is home to a population of just over 500,000 people.

Malta belonged to the British empire from 1814 from 1964. During that time, the British imposed the use of English as an official language. And it still is, alongside Maltese: Roughly 90% of the population speak English, and Malta is a popular destination for students seeking English language courses.

Study in Malta.

Although a small country, Malta is home to a number of higher education institutions where students can study for degrees in English; for example:

  • The University of Malta, the country’s largest institution with roughly 11,000 students.
  • The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), a vocational college that also offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.
  • Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, which focuses on Computing and Commerce/Business and awards its Bachelor’s degrees jointly with the University of London as an Affiliated Institution.

Universities in Malta

  • GBSB Global Business School
  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)
  • Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education
  • University of Malta


Scholarships in Malta

Malta International Scholarship

  •  Malta Government Scholarship
  •  Malta Community Chest Fund
  •  Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) Scholarship
  •  Malta Association of Architects (MAA) Scholarship
  • American University of Malta (AUM) Scholarship
  •  Limestone Heritage International Scholarship
  •  Charles & Ron Scholarship
  • International Hotel School (IHS) Scholarship
  • Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) Scholarship
  •  Malta Study and Research Grants (MSRG) Scholarship
  • St. Martin’s Institute of IT Scholarship
  •  Malta Film Commission Scholarship
  •  University of Malta (UM) Scholarship
  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology

Application Process 

To apply to any School or Scholarship, please visit their respective websites as their Requirements & Application Process differs.

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