Yahoo Boy Orientation – 5 Things You Should Know

The goal is never to get caught and with the right proper yahoo boy orientation, you can get money from your clients, protect your identity and still become a Yahoo Boy Successfully.

Yahoo Boy Orientation

What comes to your mind when you hear of Yahoo Boy Orientation? This might be the do’s and don’t in yahoo business that every yahoo be must obliged in other to become a successful Yahoo Boy.

Yahoo Boy Orientation
Popular Yahoo Boy Orientation You Should Know

As a first time yahoo boy, Here are things you should know about yahoo boys, the major tools needed and how to stay oriented in the hustle but before we proceed you must know that Yahoo Yahoo business is an illegal activity.

The purpose of creating this content is for educational purposes, neither I nor the editors encourage yahooism.

7 Yahoo Boy Orientation You Must Do And Don’t

As a beginner that needed to go HK for yahoo yahoo, here are some of the yahoo boy orientation that the advanced Yahoo Boys might give you.

Yahoo Boy Orientation
Popular Yahoo Boy Orientation You Should Know

• Never Fully Trust A Gee

To work with fellow yahoo boys there needs to be Trust but you cannot fully trust your fams.

The street is military and they can sell you out at any slightest opportunity but this doesn’t mean that you are a saint and won’t do the same.

Trust is the foundation but even your Boss or Gees that schooled you needed to trust you enough to give you the knowledge..

So while you are still on it, you must know that in yahoo boy orientation the No 1 rule is never to fully trust a fellow yahoo boy.

• Know Your Yahoo Format

Never use an outdated yahoo boys format on clients that you are working on, some even have a problem billing their clients and this goes down to the type of yahoo boys format you use.

In our previous article where we share 7 Popular Yahoo Boys format that most yahoo boys use in cashing out more than $10k weekly and if you examine the steps taken, you will notice that most yahoo boys who cashed out using a particular yahoo format is because they make use of a format they understand very well.

The proper yahoo boy orientation for yahoo Boys format is to know if it’s possible to get a client using it, if convincing them for funds is possible and how to cash out and get away with it.

• Avoid Video Call With Clients

In most cases, the client may request that you have a video call with Him/Her to confirm if you are real.

Now how do you Avoid this from happening? Technology has made everything much more easier than before and with a fake video call app, you can call and video call your clients.

If you take a look on our latest Yahoo Update, there you will see list of tools most yahoo boys use when chatting their clients.

Sadly, if you don’t have this App then it’s a nightmare for you as you may loose that particular client or rather you can use formats that doesn’t require video call.

• Get Grammarly Account

If you are not among the brightest Yahoo Boys don’t let your clients to know as poor grammar is one of the ways to identify Yahoo boys.

Not knowing if your grammar is correct or not, Grammarly will help you fish out the typographical errors in your write ups.

Most advanced Yahoo Boys make use of this Tool when chatting foreign clients especially the educated ones.

• Always Keep Your VPN Running

You may have heard it from somewhere else but you should never get caught when chatting your clients.

Getting A premium VPN goes to the list of every Yahoo boy orientation although Free VPN are okay but premium is better.

In most cases, you may forgot to keep your VPN on, that’s why you should get a dedicated device that allows your VPN to be on 24/7 when running any yahoo format.

• Don’t Repeat A Profile

You should not always use a profile most often, what you don’t know is that your clients might have screenshot your profile and posted them somewhere asking others to be aware of the user.

This might affect your chances of getting new clients since you cannot tell if they have seen the reported profile already.

The proper yahoo boy orientation for this is to get many profiles with you and use them to create account on this Yahoo Boy Website For Sure Clients.

• Know A Picker

Without a Picker, your work as a Yahoo Boy won’t be interesting as a matter of fact you need a Picker.

If the format you use involves clients sending physical package or item, or even iPhone from a client, then you may need a service of a Picker to recieve it.

This yahoo boy orientation is quite simple, you need to get a Picker so that your identity won’t be exposed, you also need to know a reshipper that’s companies who reship to your location.

• Gather Multiple Tools

Concerning tools, this might be different scamming account, tools, VPN, even the browser you use determine the level of your security.

Even the Sim card that you use is a Yahoo tool, so you will surely need a multiple sims.

Tools like Sim card should not be registered, if the scam you run is a SIM card oriented, then you need to fake the Sim card details during registration.

• Target The Old Ladies And Paddies

Younger clients seems to always detect a Yahoo Boy, so it’s always advisable to go for older men and women who are desperate for whatever your scamming format promises them.

Older men and women seems to be much easier to convince for their bank details, SSN and many other things.

• Stay Low Key

Almost every successful and rich yahoo boys in Nigeria seems to ignore this part of yahoo boy orientation once they become successful.

Many yahoo boys are serving jail term because of their pumpous lifestyle showcasing on social media.

The goal is to make money and stay low key so that you don’t get bursted in the game.

Let us know what you think about these Yahoo Boy Orientation in the comments section….

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